Managers These Days

Case 1

A customer purchased a product by this company I am working for, and encountered some issues, and insisted on having a refund. The Sales team refuses to take his calls, and the Sales Regional Manager asked me to get his email address. Even a Regional Manager does not have the guts to take on the responsibility of just answering a call from a dismayed customer. What kinda manager is that? What capabilities does she have, other than behaving like an Ah Lian and putting on layers of make-up?


Case 2

There is a conference call scheduled for tonight, and all employees are expected to dial in from all over the globe. I did not know, as I am simply a receptionist, and nothing else, except for the email from the CEO, was received a couple of days ago. This morning, HR sent a mass email to remind on this call. I asked if everyone has to participate. Indeed. I do not know if it is a simple teleconference thingy, or do I have to log in to Webex. When I asked the HR senior which number to call from our end, she did not reply. Till now. I asked another HR colleague, he was in a meeting, and asked me to check with the HR senior. I then asked another colleague, and she told me she has an appointment tonight, so she will not be dialing in. She asked me to tell my HR manager that I have an appointment to excuse myself from it.

I then sent a Skype message to my HR manager, asking her if everyone has to call in, she replied, “Yes.” I sensed the dullness in me straightaway, and simply asked if the toll-free number is what we are supposed to dial. She replied with another “Yes”. Period. I refused to say a word more. If I make any excuses, I suppose she will dislike me more, and my days here will be more tortured than ever. Thus, I resigned to my fate. If everyone has to dial in, why are some people excused? This is the so-called double-standard, and I hate it so.