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A Great Fall

I was on my way to work this morning. I had just woke up from my nap on the train, when I hurried out of the train at my stop. I was in a daze as I walked up the moving escalator, when I suddenly tripped and fell on the steps. I had a shock, and the Chinese lady, who looked like she was in her forties, asked me if I was fine. I weakly replied, “Ya,” and slowly got up on my feet, before I reached the landing. The spots on my left elbow, left thigh, both knees and shins, where I heavily brushed against the sharp edges of the escalator steps, felt hot and hurt. I was rushing out of the MRT station, feeling embarrassed. When I was some 300 meters away, only did I check my left elbow. I was worried that there was a bleeding wound somewhere, but my elbow was fine. I was late for work, and had to wait till I had completely my morning duties, before I could check on my knees and legs. I can foresee bruises by the end of today. Sigh…

At dawn, I was contemplating on getting sick leave for today. My gastric gave me troubles again on Saturday, I was having pains the entire day, and I vomited late at night. On Sunday, I was feeling weak and restless, and I could not eat properly, but little by little, like a bird. Early this morning, I was not exactly sick, but tired. If only I had decided to go on sick leave today, I would not have had that terrible fall. Sigh…

Now, my nape down to my right shoulder blade down to my back hurts. I must have sprained or pulled some muscles somewhere when I fell with my right hand on the grip. Sigh… How I hate the escalator. This was my second fall on an escalator. How I hate the clumsy me even more. Ever since I was a young kiddo, I have always been clumsy, as in I always fell on my knees. I had complained to my Mom that either my feet are malfunctioned, or my body cannot balance well due to my fat ass. Sigh…

Hopefully, my injuries are not serious. I will have gotta apply ointment tonight. Sigh…


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